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comprehensive educational game project

This game section is a comprehensive educational game project, the biggest game-making project in the country, which was supported by a large number of organizations, several parliament representatives, and UNESCO.

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This game was designed for elementary school children and could improve children's knowledge in the following fields:

their health

The laws


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Also You Should know...

Also, some parts of the game were designed for game therapy and diagnosis of some mental illnesses of children and it could measure the level of children's knowledge of the above topics. As a result, it could collect the required information in the web servers of the system to correct the educational strategies at the macro level of the country. Applications for parents, teachers and schools were also seen in this system. The content design and production team of this project included the best university professors in the fields of child psychology, sociology, psychiatry, educational sciences, as well as the professional and experienced game design team.

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