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The citizenship part of the comprehensive educational game project was followed up with two games, one was Sohrab and the urban ghouls and the other was my best friend. In the game Sohrab and Urban Ghouls, an attempt was made to teach children the rules of citizenship and urban culture with the help of computer games. This game was the first 3D game in the south of the country, which was completely original. This game was fully produced and tested in 25 days, which was a new record for an original game. This game was published in 10,000 copies in the first edition. This game was praised by Hasht Behesht festival (cultural products of big cities) and its unveiling ceremony was held in the public hall of the city council with the presence of all city council members and the mayor of Shiraz, which showed the importance of this product.

helping childlern, learn the rules of citizenship

the first 3D game in the south of the country

Summary of the story:

Sohrab, Rostam and Tehmina live in an apartment in the city and the giants’ caves are located under their apartment. As a result of an accident, Sohrab gets to know them and considers it his duty to introduce the giants, who know nothing about the customs of the city, to the urbanization, when suddenly…

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