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we at the e-galaxy co have been making a collection of serious and educational games and a collection of fun and exciting games since 2006

A collection of fun and serious games

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World of e - galaxy

Welcome to the World of E - Galaxy Games. Explore our variety of different kinds of games. including educational, serious and fun games such as Sohrab And the urban monsters, saving my planet, robotic city, karian Gaurds and many more...
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Serious Games

We Have A Collection of Serious Games. We Are one of the oldest creators of Serious games. we have the most experience among other creators in Iran in creating and publishing serious games.
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this company consists of 4 different departments, one of them is the computer games production department.

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Educational Games

Come enjoy the educational games that we have been making since 2005
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Latest News

Computer Games Congress

The Company Held A computer Games Congress at 2012

Sohrab And the urban monsters

The Revieling Ceremony of the game Sohrab And The urban Monsters

National Foundation of Computer Games

The visit of the vice president of research of the National Foundation of Computer Games