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Due to the high experience of this company in designing citizenship educational materials for children, in 2013, with the investment of the company, the interactive animation of Shangul and Mongol began, and after the work, various stages of it were also prepared. This system, which is an interactive animation, has been produced in recent years by large companies such as Warner Bros. The idea of this work was also from the executive director of the company, Mr. Mansouri, then a team including children’s literature writers was formed and they designed a story using global and up-to-date children’s literature elements for this interactive animation, during which the user should be able to understand the desired concepts. The story begins when Shangul Mangul, Habbe Angoor and Mama Bozi live in an apartment in the city. In this game, the children see or learn the right actions of this family, especially the Mama Bozi (goat’s mother), and the wrong actions of Mr. Wolf in the form of games. This product has obtained the necessary permits and has not yet been published.

Educational Animation

Using global and up to date literature for children